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Landscaping Tips: Common Yard Problem and How To Fix Them

Not all yard is created equal, there are yards that are blessed with ideal features for landscaping and there are some yards that will give the landscape architect Palm Beach a real challenge. Every yard has some issues, although others that are more problematic than others. If your yard is one of those that needs extra care and effort, here are some tips and solution that, can you help you transform your problematic yard into a stunning work of art.

Problem: My yard is too rocky!

Solution: Just like the saying “If God gave you a lemon, make lemonade,” so, if you have a rock yard, make a rock garden.  Why fight the rocky terrain you have when you can take advantage of its rocky feature. If you are living in a region where drought is a common occurrence, you may want to build a rock garden in your yard. Creating a rock garden by planting drought-tolerant plants in rock crevices to form a Xeriscape is the best solution to a rocky yard.

Problem: A hilly yard where grass will not grow

Solution: Fighting with the hilly slope is a serious battle that needs the expertise of a landscape architect Palm Beach. I would suggest that you should not fight with the hill, terrace it. Terracing a small yard is quite easy to implement. It is simple as rearranging the dirt and installing of two railroad ties or landscape timbers to make a terrace like structure. If you have a large hilly yard and would want it to look more professional, you may need a professional Florida landscape architecture since this kind of design would need landscaping equipment and the construction of a concrete or block retaining wall. It could be a perfect place for flower beds, grass, and even vegetable gardening.

Problem: Dull/boring backyard

Solution: If you have an empty rectangle space in your backyard that looks dull and boring, don’t force to fill it with expensive and high maintenance plants. Vamp up your boring backyard by adding a brick courtyard with a comfy sitting area, fun play zone, and green a backyard garden. Plant a manageable grass and low maintenance flowers and shrubs to add color in your backyard.

Problem: Walled in

Solution: If your property is enclosed with walls or fences, you can make it as a beautiful backdrop for your outdoor space. Install your barbecue pit against the wall or build an adjacent patio. You can also cover the fence or wall with vines or ivy to provide privacy in your yard.

Problem: Shady Areas

Solution:  Most of the greens don’t thrive in shady areas, but if you have a shady area in your yard that most plants don’t thrive try to fill it with shade-loving plants such as flowering dogwood trees, impatiens, fringed bleeding heart, columbine, wax begonia and much more. You can also use shrubs that thrive in shade.

Problem: Boggy Backyard

Solution: If your house becomes a soggy mess every time it rains, and you cannot grow anything since it got washed away when it rains installing a French drain is the best solution for your yard. A French drain is similar to a dry creek bed, only the water in the French drain flows underground through a drainpipe to the gravel-filled trench. It is an effective solution because the water flows through gravel much more quickly than through soil. You could also try planting plants that thrive in wet conditions such as black chokeberry, Winterberry Hollies, marsh marigold and others.

In designing the problematic yard, make sure that yard safety is your top priority. Make sure that you remove trip hazards, poisonous plants and had installed safety fences in you have swimming pools. For more info about Landscape Design Palm Beach visit


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