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Awesome Outdoor Living Space Begins With Landscape Design Plan

Every awesome landscape design begins with comprehensive and detailed landscape design plan. The design plan is essential in creating a beautiful outdoor area. The landscape design should include all the necessary information necessary to construct and install the awesome outdoor landscape of your dream. The landscape design plan must have a detailed measurement of the property size, shape as well as the style of your home. The effective landscape design of your outdoor space should blend with the house, not distract from it. An awesome outdoor landscape should be able to highlight the special terrain features of your property and help to accent the existing structures and hardscapes.
There are many things to consider when planning a landscape design that is the reason why hiring a trustworthy and professional Landscape Design in Palm Beach is important. There are many types of landscape design that you may want to implement in your outdoor space and you may have two or more of it combined in your property. The seamless construction and installation of different types of landscape design should be planned accordingly to create a masterpiece art which is your home.
Here are the different plans that your landscape designer must be discussed with you before any construction and installation begin.
• The Concept Plan
The concept plan is the master design plan for the entire landscape design. It brings all other plans into a single diagram that tells the entire story the landscape design. The concept plan is commonly referred as site plan and usually drawn using AutoCAD, however, some landscape designer is still using hand-drawn site plan. The concept plan is often used by contractors to draft an estimate for installation.
• The Plot Plan
The plot plan is the basis of every other design for your outdoor space. It is important that the measurements in plot plan are accurate because it serves as the foundation and basis for all other plans. It maps out the land elements and the structure of your property. The plot plan must include:
1. Accurate measurement of property lines, driveways and sidewalks, fencing, walls, and adjacent roads.
2. The house, sheds, and other structures that may interfere with the design.
3. All natural and man-made features including the slopes, drainage and such.

• The Hardscape Plan
The hardscape plan contains diagram or drawings and specifications of the hardscapes which include the sidewalks, perimeter fences, driveways and other structural landscaping elements. Materials to be used, colors and other related details must the stated in the hardscape plan.
• The Elevation Plan
Basically, the elevation plan includes all the measurements and diagrams of the design intended for any vertical features in the landscape design. It may include structures like walls, fireplaces, and gazebos for clearer design to ensure its accurate installation.
• The Planting Plans
In designing an awesome landscape, you don’t just plant in any part of your yard any plant you like in the nursery. If you want an awesome landscape design, planting of plants should be planned accordingly. The planting plans should have the detailed instruction for the planting and placement of vegetation in your landscape design. The type of plants, the exact location where it should be planted must be included in the plan.
• The Drainage/Irrigation Plans
The drainage system of your home can impede in your landscape design that is why it should be included in your design plans. The landscape design must also consider your property’s drainage system so that proper irrigation can be planned. The irrigation plan must include the placement and layout of sprinkler heads, piping and how the excess water should be dealt with.
• The Lighting Plans
Lighting plans are optional. The need for a lighting plan would depend if the homeowner wants to install lighting fixtures on the landscape design to give accent to design especially at night. The lighting plans must include the diagram and illustration of the placement of lighting fixtures. The wiring, installation and special lighting techniques should also be included in the plan.
Creating a masterpiece outdoor landscape is not a hit and miss routine. It is important to have a detailed landscape design plan for every aspect of the landscape so that it can be carried accordingly. If you have questions and concerns about how to create an awesome outdoor living space you may consult a Landscape Design in Palm Beach to help plan your dream landscape for your home.


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